Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh, no. Now what do I write about?

Blackdog has posted the comment:

"Dunc, you need to get out more. Develop some interests besides the store and writing about the store. Yes, of course a good businessman needs to keep track of his sales numbers ... but doing it week by week, day by day, hour by hour?

Pardon me for saying so, but isn't this getting a little, uh, obsessive?"

My first response was a little bit snarking, "You think?"

My second response was to say, "I'm going to be obsessive, either privately or publicly. But I can see how this is getting a little old for you guys."

In my defense, it is only 20 minutes in the morning when I write the blog and business is foremost in my mind. I actually do think about other things.

But...point taken.

Ironically, I first started writing my "Business Journal" in notebooks, and then on my computer, to save my wife from having to listen to me all the time go on about business.

And I did warn you guys; I've never made it a secret that I obsess over business. I find it fascinating, and I find it always surprising, and I find out something new just about every day.

There is always a cost in taking my attention away from my business for very long. Even short vacations I know will have consequences. It doesn't take very long for outside interests to impact on sales. But I also know that it only takes a bit longer for obsessive behavior to backfire.

So I am trying to walk that line, and I probably error on the side of too much attention instead of too little.

I figured last year and this year were the years to really put the hammer down on turning a profit in my stores. (The recession is an unfortunate event that keeps me from making as much profit as I hoped, but doesn't keep me from making a profit...)

I'm getting a little long in the tooth to keep proclaiming "Best Minimum Wage Job a Middle Aged Guy Ever Had." I'm working to change that to, "Best Slightly Better Than Minimum Wage Job a Middle Aged Guy Ever Had."

This goal has coincided with me writing this blog. It's important at this stage of my life to really start to put some money aside. To get those IRA's paid each year, to put a little cushion between me and the poorhouse.

I probably couldn't have even published a blog during the tough years. It would have been unremittingly dire. The fact that I have any good news at all to report has let me continue to write about it.

I've had regular customers tell me my blog has become boring. Ah, the bloom is off. I totally get it. But I want to achieve my goal of "Best Slight Better Than..." even more and if this blog helps me get there, so be it.

Hey, how about them Mets?

Weathers been hot, don't you think?

Damn Californians....


Duncan McGeary said...

Of course, none of this addressing the central question of "Getting out More." Just whether I should write about it.

Getting out more is a bit hard when you work everyday.

Still, I think I've settled on some Winter hours that will make sense. Hopefully, in a month and a half or so, I can start recharging my batteries.

Who knows? Take a couple days off. Something radical like that.

Viking Troutslapper said...

I highly recommend taking a couple of days off. You definitely deserve it. Leave work early on Friday, drive to Newport, have a beer and RELAX!

Anonymous said...

Don't take Blackdog's comment too literally. No need to apologize. Some of us with interests in small business find gems in your posts.

By the way, if want to stimulate Blackdog, I'm guessing you can do the job by stating how wonderful Bend's health care is.

I could be wrong, but my guess is that this will set him on edge.

Duncan McGeary said...

Or how wonderful the 300 days of sunshine are?

Michael said...

Your blog is more or less your daily journal. Business and the economy are your primary concerns and you use the blog to clarify your thinking. The fact you publish it to the net is just an added bonus thanks to technology.

I will say that your viewpoint is interesting when you give it some room to roam. Do what you will and don't worry about what is essentially a free form of entertainment for all involved.