Sunday, May 17, 2009

paper fodder.

What? You can't serve to a "visibly intoxicated" person? How do bars make any money?

Oh, yes. Petty Tyrants. I had one of those once, and never did win. I just had to wait until he transferred. My condolences to the downtown bars.

Stupid headline of the week: "Spotted Knapweed? Good luck finding any more after these folks were finished." If only it were so easy.

8 building permits in Bend in April. Eight. Wow.

Prostitution in Bend. We've always had prostitution. We just called them politicians.
(Just kidding. Just kidding!!)

"Another forecast...showed Americans are expected to take 2.2 percent fewer leisure trips from June through August." 2.2% If only....if only....

Finally breaking out the shorts and sandals today. Which is a sign of 3 more weeks of winter...

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