Thursday, May 21, 2009

The A.I. is staring at me....

The POS (Point of Sale) computer is sitting there, waiting to be turned on.

"It's Alive! It's Alive!"

I fear it.

But not getting the new system, felt like I was giving in to my age. It was offered in a way that I can afford the payments. Every single technical advance I've made, despite my doubts, have proven to be boons.

But I'm in no hurry.... sits. Looking like a Thing from Terminator, all spidery angles and high-techie looking.

Got a call from the Diamond Distributor's tech guy for a tutoring session, a couple of weeks ago. I...ah, hem....put off answering.

My attitude was -- if it's ready to happen, it will happen.

I've got my friend Aaron Leis as my 'tech' guy, and he set the computer up. Last night he came over to the house and set me up with a gmail account, so I should be able to get my e-mails at work again. (Had a devil of a time trying to get e-mail from the Qwest, my DSL provider; and it only takes a couple roadblocks to make me quit...) Aaron is a whiz at this, but he has his own job and so I need to work around that.

Still, I think we're ready to go. Aaron is so good at explaining, that it's worth it to me to hire him to learn the system and then teach me. I'm trying to pay him, but he keeps putting me off. I think I'll just need to hand him a check and tell him I won't take no for an answer.

The biggest deal is that my inventory is totally out of control as far as keeping track of it. I need to get a handle on that, once and for all, and with a POS -- once I've entered it, it should keep automatic track.

No doubt, like my computer, I'll use it for only the most obvious of things. But even that should be a vast improvement.

By the nature of blogs and twitters, almost everyone I'm addressing is more high-tech than I. If it wasn't for my job, I doubt I would've even gotten a computer.

Still, who knew I'd take to blogging in such a big way? Who knew that I'd end up spending hours on the computer?

Strange Days.

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RDC said...

Well it will give you an idea on how much product your are losing through shoplifting, provided you perform periodic cycle counts to keep the system updated.