Saturday, April 18, 2009

Star Trek self-loathing.

I started wondering if I'm the only one who notices that Star Trek is a hard sell, because the fans are so rabid.

So I googled "Star Trek Movie Flops", and got the following.

This is just the first page of listings, folks. It goes into the hundreds, perhaps the thousands. Star Trek people love their franchise so much, they'd rather kill it than have it be something less than perfect.


"Many say that this is Star Trek's last hope to be revived and if this movie flops, all of Star Trek goes with it."

"And, God forbid if the movie flops, please keep this as just a Star Trek forum or something."

"Sure, the GEN and FC roughly made a revenue of triple their budget, INS double and NEM only little more.
But this might not be merely caused by INS itself but also by 'too much Trek', a factor which kicked in after GEN."

"A bunch of Star Trek fans who showed up for a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan in Austin, Texas were cruelly tricked into watching the new J.J, Abrams-directed reboot instead." (I think the 'cruelly tricked' is a joke, but still shows the mindset.)

"I'd be quite happy to see this movie flop and Trek go in hibernation for a few years in the hope that sometime in the future they can come up with a way to revitalize the franchise that doesn't rely on jumping on the 'reboot' bandwagon."

"I’ll laugh so hard if the movie flops after they’ve decided to move forward. ...."

"I for one am hoping that the new Trek movie flops badly. ..."

"I seriously hope this movie is a total flop."

"I hope this movie flops and never again will star trek return. They ****ed up the franchise by not letting TNG getting a better send off. ..."

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tim said...

I don't think Star Trek even makes sense outside the milieu of the late 60s.