Saturday, April 25, 2009

Budgeting again, and the breaking thereof...

My budget plans for May and June are either really smart, or just very sophisticated rationalizations. Or both. (Smart moves sometimes results in bad results; dumb moves can result in good results....)

What's happened is, I've consistently done about 10% better than I planned for. Don't get me wrong, this is still down from last year, and considerably down from two years ago, but I budgeted for even worse.

I've decided to test the upper limits of sales by using that 10% to fully stock the store.

If it doesn't result in higher sales, but I stay at current sales levels, it will be a wash, with more inventory. If I have slower sales, entirely possible since there is never a strictly one on one relationship to stock to sales, then I'll have July and August to make up the difference. If I have higher sales, then I'll be able to continue to put a little aside in profits AND keep the store stocked at higher sales levels.

Overall, I'm just really pleased with how the store is performing. The diversity level seems just right. Comics have stabilized, and graphic novels and books are performing well.

Card games sales have dropped since competition opened in town, but I'm patient.

Toys are doing about the same as ever, sports cards actually had a really good month.

Manga and anime are quiet.

Oh, and boardgames continue to be solid. I'm able to continue to improve the stock and selection.

But everyday, people come in, people I know, people I don't know, they wander around, and a surprising number pick up a surprising choice and bring it to the counter.

The economy may still get worse, but the threads of buying are promising. I mean, you get an instinct for what people are willing to spend, and it seems like it will be enough.

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