Sunday, April 5, 2009

Retail Refuges?

It seems like I'm hearing lots of fear based messages in the local media and on the blogs.

This isn't all bad. Fear--like pain-- can be a warning.

Even messages of 'don't fear' or 'we're hopeful' can ironically come across as unintentionally revealing of the mindset.

We're keeping our average above what I consider the red-zone, and Linda's store continues to do really well. (In fact, she's getting kind of overwhelmed.) Pegasus had it's best day of the year, yesterday, which was a bit of a relief because I had totally restocked the store from top to bottom, and was wondering if I should have done that.

But I'm getting this feeling that people are starting to seek out retail 'refuges'; places they can sense are healthy, and humming along, and that they can be comfortable in.

I have no idea where that feeling is coming from.

Just a hope, probably.


BENDBUST said...

"Fear like pain can be a warning"

Can the analogy be applied to BEND?

Put your hand in a fire take it out, pain tells you fire is bad, wow.

Live in Bend, and see poverty, theft, and un-employment. How do you pull your hand from the fire of Bend? You get the fuck out of dodge.

Pain can be a warning to STOP an activity damaging to the body before its too late. Pain in Bend can come from suffering, boredom, or the realization that all your post-retirement 'dreams' are Bend Dead. Psychological destruction follows the pain.

Mass exodus Dunc is the only solution to the 'pain of Bend'.

Jeff said...

"Mass exodus Dunc is the only solution to the pain of Bend."

So where exactly should people go? Portland? LA? Las Vegas? Is there actually someplace that is doing good right now? Salt Lake City?

RDC said...

Well Bendbust when are you going to follow your own advice and join your mass exodus?

Otherwise your comments are hot air without commitment.

tim said...

>>Is there actually someplace that is doing good right now?

Strangely enough, New Orleans.