Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idolness

I watched my first and hopefully last American Idol last night. After all, it's pretty clear who's going to win. Want me to tell you?

Sue told me she didn't want to read about this in the blog. Tough. You made me break a vow, girl.

My sister Tina came home from the hospital yesterday, so we all congregated at her house to chat, until my sister Sue announced that she simply had to watch American Idol.

So I stuck around with Linda and brother Mike to watch.

I amused myself by being the annoying brat brother. (The role came back so easily.)

"Is that Susan Boyle?"

"So when is Susan Boyle coming on?"

"Did Susan Boyle color her hair red?"

"I want Susan Boyle!"

To borrow from Simon Cowell, it was pretty 'wet.' But I can see how it can be addicting to watch.

But really, is there any doubt who's Teacher's Pet?

I don't know anything about what's gone on before, but as an outside observer, it was like watching a pro among amateurs. He's got a whole "Gay Elvis" vibe going. I just had to laugh when he sashayed down those steps.

Our society is doomed.


blackdog said...

I watch "Idol" religiously and am not ashamed to admit it. It's corny and cheesy and, in the great scheme of things, meaningless, but it's engrossing entertainment. I like to watch pro football too; these two admissions will probably get me drummed out of the National Association for the Advancement of Cultural Correctness and Political Purity (NAACCPP).

Adam Lambert is the class of the field, no question, but that's no guarantee he'll win -- remember Chris Daughtry.

Duncan McGeary said...

It's the addictiveness I'm trying to avoid.

I could lighten up and enjoy it, but I'm trying to cut my T.V.

"...remember Chris Daughtry."



blackdog said...

Chris Daughtry was the odds-on favorite to win a couple of seasons ago, but in a shocking development he was voted off with two or three rounds to go and the far less talented Taylor Hicks (you may well ask "Who?") went on to win.

Daughtry has had quite a successful career since, while Hicks is playing the county fair circuit.