Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wasn't able to get on the Untrained Profession with OCD blog tonight, without a password, so I'm going to assume that she was just getting too much flak locally from the Baker City folk.

That's too bad. She wasn't really saying anything out of line.

But I'm sympathetic. I think I've hurt a few people feelings here, which isn't my intent. But I don't know how you can write a local blog under your own name without saying the occasional out of line thing. I mean, there is a line I'm trying to walk here, saying what I think without getting offensive, but I know that I'll tip too far one direction or another.

I figure, hey, I'm just a opinionated slob, and what do the hell do I know? The only difference is, I'm not anonymous.

I've also decided to ask people to realize that even though I write about my job, this is not an official mouthpiece for Pegasus. I always used to tell my wife, that I have to go make sacrifice to the great god Pegasus. And I really do think of it as a separate entity.

Do you buy that?

Anyway, for anyone I've insulted, just remember I probably make more of a fool of myself than I'm making of you. Take what I say for what it worth, why don't ya?

Read another book on poker, POKER NATION, by Andy Bellin, as a break from my Dark Tower readings. (I just finished the fifth book, and it was jarring when Stephen King inserted himself into the proceedings. I have a feeling he's about to go all meta on me, which just pulls me straight out of the 'fictional dream.')

Anyway, it confirms I don't want to play poker, even as it fascinates me. I wonder if I have the skills, but there are too many pitfalls. Golf is another game that interests me for no reason whatsoever. I've never played, nor will I ever play. My Dad is glued to the Golf Channel, which even though he was a doctor, I don't remember him ever playing.

I probably raced in several dozen ski races over the years, and got pretty good, but even when I was active the sport bored me on T.V. Even then it was full of yahoos. The one team sport I played but was lousy at (too small, but also just not good at it) was the sport I watched and still watch. Football.

Anyway, back to golf and poker.

Maybe it's the strategy and the personalities. Tiger Woods helps; and so do all the colorful folk at the WS of Poker.

I don't know why I read so many books about subjects that will never enter my life. Just curious, I guess.


Duncan McGeary said...

Damn, I meant to hold this till tomorrow. When I'm in my office reading, it's just too easy to get up and put stuff here....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the new site duncan, I'm sure we'll all from now on be posting to "baker city ocd".

I think eventually that's were me, you, and Homer will be living.

The Natives Are Restless said...

I'm bummed! I very much enjoyed reading her blog as well. I guess people like "Angry Dude" were just giving her to much heat. Personally, I would have just gotten meaner, but I guess that's why she's so able to deal with assholes and I'm not. Makes me want to move to Baker and open a restaurant just to raise a little hell with some of those folks. I'd for sure make it known that I was from Bend. Just to start the ball rolling.

If you ever get a password to read OCD, throw it my way. I'd love to keep up with Paizano's.

Anonymous said...

I sent email to '', asking for a password.

How did you get yours in the first place??


I wouldn't want anyone in Baker, to know I was from Bend of all places. Bend has a real bad name every where in Eastern Oregon. My feeling is that everyone from Bend is a leper, and highly contagious, and besides, they're moving east to places like Burns for the next PLAY, to duplicate HOLLERN, find a town willing to go into debt, and use taxpayer money to market itself to tourists, and that has 'baker city' written ALL over IT.

I used to go to Baker City dozens a times a year +30 years ago, nice skiing, always perfect snow, close to down. Now they have a fucking micro-brewery. Cool fucking PLACE!!!

Duncan McGeary said...

Now, Bendbust,

Leave the girl alone.....

As for my blog, my rule of thumb has been and will continue to be, don't say anything you wouldn't say to their face, and try to talk issues and not attack personal.

And, if I'm going to pass a rumor or gossip, label it as such.

And be as willing to be self-revealing and or make as much of a fool of myself as I do of others.

If I was anonymous, I suspect I would be just south of IHTBYB's vitriol, and a county or two from Bilbo's.

But I'm not, so I'll keep it civil.

Duncan McGeary said...

The other thing about the Poker Nation book is that the author revealed himself -- unintentionally, I think -- as a bit of a slime bag.

He tells us of three different situations where he cheated people....but then tries to take the moral high ground, but it all sounds like rationalization to me.

I just have a feeling that poker attracts ethically challenged people.