Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is starting to feel like a good old-fashioned Bend winter. Like the kind of winters I remember growing up in Bend; not like these weird dry winters we've had for the last decade or so.

Anyway, I'm good with that.

Except driving home tonight, I realized I'm at the mercy of maniacs in S.U.V.'s. The bigger the pickup or SUV, the bigger the maniac.

Do you know that if I have to make a sudden stop in my little Toyota, I'll probably stop sooner and avoid danger better than your big four wheel drive goliath?

You know, tailgating is a bad idea at any time, but in this kind of weather you're asking for trouble, and you might just drag me into it.

Look, going 5 or 10 miles over the speed limit makes sense when the sun is out, but going the speed limit or even slightly below makes much more sense when the roads are icey.

The weird part is that in Downtown or on Greenwood, where the cars are packed together, where someone could pull out in front of you at any time, people are driving as if there isn't any snow. But then they get out on the highway, which are mostly bare, with two lanes, with much less likelihood that someone will pull out in front of you without an escape, and here they go slow, 10 or 20 miles below the speed limit.

I don't think they have a clue.

Don't accelerate too fast, slow down too fast, make sudden jerky movements, do everything at a nice, steady pace and we'll all be safe. Meanwhile, I'm going to be leaving 10 feet minimum when I come to a stop as I watch you barrel down on top of me in case you can't stop.

Biggest thing to know, damn you, is a big car and four wheels WON'T KEEP YOU FROM SLIDING! You're HEAVY and MOMENTUM will make it hard to stop! Just frakken take it easy so my little Toyota and I don't get crushed!


Unknown said...

Amen. Is it just me, or do the peabrains in big trucks and SUVs seem to go faster than normal when the roads get icy?

Ooh, bully for you, you have four-wheel drive. I don't, and I'm not going to go faster if you tailgate. In fact, I'll go slower just to piss you off.

Duncan McGeary said...

The thing that kills me, (or could kill me), is that I'm NOT a slow driver. But I've driven in this kind of weather my whole life, and I've never seen so many clueless drivers....

Get a gander picture on the front page of the Bulletin, SUV's and Pickups with smashed in fronts.

If you have smashed in fronts, it is ABSOLUTE PROOF, you were following too close or going too fast....!!!!