Monday, December 3, 2007

So the Juniper Ridge developers are 'willing' to come back to the negotiating table.

That's what I'm talking about.

Negotiation doesn't just mean you say yes to every demand: Les Schwab or Ray K. , you make a counter-demand, you let them threaten lawsuits and let them threaten walking away, and you calmly make a counter-proposal in your interest.

And so on.

Apparently, we finally have some adults in charge.


BilboBend said...


I disagree on the adult thing, we have two major child groups, the crips and the bloods.

The crips are city-hall and kuratek, and the bloods are garzini, and the good ol-boyz, aka EDCO.

It's all lord of the rings.

Garzini told Kuratek "keep it secret, keep it safe",

Kuratek respond publicly with "They have a CAVE-TROLL" The Cave Troll of course is Garzini, and in the open-public he doesn't know how to operate.

Kuratek has EVERYONE by the balls, because without the 'master-plan', nobody can legally develop Juniper-Ridge ( Deed says so ).

The crips ( city hall ) really do have a dream. The bloods ( EDCO ) just wants Les Schwab to take over, and keep it simple, keep it safe.

The crips want to go for the big one.

What Kuratek just did was send EMAIL to everyone in the city except Garzini, this makes everything public, exactly what Garzini didn't want. The cave-troll has been neutered.

All this is not going to be adult for a long time, too many secrets, for years now, its all got to go public, and to date the BULL & SORE has only released the 'varnished truth'.

Like the Les Schwab agreement says "All public communication must be orchestrated, and managed, and pre-approved by Les Schwab", thus the first step is that the BULL & SORE have end the secret management.

Kuratek only has time on his side, at $2k/mo, he's in no hurry for change. The ULTRA-DOUBLE-DARE-TOP-SECRET plan of selling Juniper Ridge to Les Schwab is supposed to happen in Spring 2008, and if this 'master-plan' isn't in place, then Les Schwab walks, and Kuratek knows this.

This whole mess is anything, but over, and their ARE NO ADULTS involved.

Basically two groups have both sold JR, the crips sold it to Kuratek, and the bloods sold it to Les Schwab. Neither had the right to sell until the terms of the DEED ( $1 purchase ) were in place, if things don't go legit and public, there are going to be a world of lawsuits.

JR Slogan 2005->2007

I think that the bloods will be looking for a new cave-troll very soon.

BilboBend said...

Les Schwab or Ray K. , you make a counter-demand, you let them threaten lawsuits and let them threaten walking away, and you calmly make a counter-proposal in your interest.

[Les Schwab] You have one hour to accept this deal, otherwise we're moving our CORP out of state, and you'll be personally responsible for having lost 1,000's of jobs.

Ya, right what could they have done? Schwab had city-council by the ball's.

[Ray Kuratek] He works for 2-3 years developing a 'master plan' for Juniper Ridge, so it can be 'KOSHER' to sell to Les Schwab. Then behind his back the city-council sells Juniper-Ridge to Les Schwab, and tells Kuratek he's no longer needed. There is NO negotiation here, city-council fucked up big time, and Kuratek is going to sue the hell out the City of Bend. Pure & Simple Kuratek was used, Bend could have hired Tramell-Crow to develop the 'master-plan', but they wanted a little nobody they could manipulate, and buy-off when no longer needed. Kuratek has proved to be no push-over.

These TWO negotiations have nothing to do with one another. The Les Schwab Agreement was an ultimatum, that the city-council accepted.

The Kuratek Agreement was a long two year negotiation where city-council and Kuratek developed a 'master-plan', when the 'good ol boyz' [ EDCO, Hollern, ... ] discovered Bend was going into the 'development business', they shut it down, thereby screwing Kuratek. This act is-was non-negotiable.

In summary these two negotiations were not like me and you haggling about the price of a comic book. The first was a planned screw, where city-hall didn't have chance, and the second was a slow screw. Neither ever had a chance for compromise, as Schwab's deal was explicitly NO COMPROMISE. The Kuratek-Fuck was all secret until the 11th hour, and ever since Kuratek has been playing dumb and letting the $2K/day meter run, why not that's what I would do.