Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's good to have friends in high places. My friend, who works for Bend Cable, helped me this morning set up my Dad with all his cable needs. He's in Bend Villa Court, and he loves the Military and the Golf channels, and we were having trouble getting it all to work and stay working.

We just bought Dad a new T.V., and he brought a marvelous remote with BIG numbers on it for him to use.

He also hooked up my downstairs, office T.V. (a very nice color T.V. that my Dad had been using) to cable. Believe it or not, up until now I had a black and white T.V. with rabbit ears, that I would sometimes turn on if there was a documentary I really wanted to watch on PBS. Other than that, it stayed in the closet. Now I have a nice new color T.V. with all the channels.

I have to be careful about that. It would be easy for an old married couple to end up watching completely different programs in different rooms. Linda, for instance, can apparently watch Law and Order all day long, whereas I could go the rest of my life without seeing it again.

Mostly, though, we agree on the prime time shows, and I want to be sure that continues.

We have about the biggest old-line T.V. you could have, and it works great. So I just can't justify going for the big screen T.V. But when I do it, I'm getting the biggest most ginormous one I can find.

Meanwhile, like I said, I've been watching downstairs on a black and white, so obviously I'm not fussy.


Jeff said...

"It would be easy for an old married couple to end up watching completely different programs in different rooms."

Well, this is just modern life isn't it? Infinite differentiation of preferences. It's not the lowest-common denominator 1960s anymore, when there were like 3 channels (and lots of unmet preferences / demands). Or like in developing countries where there's 1 radio station and 1 type of music and even old people listen to the very same stuff that the teenagers listen to.

My wife also loves Law and Order, but I can take only 5 minutes of it before I'm off to watch something else on my personal 7" screen. They withhold too much information until the very end so you can't figure out the case yourself.

I agree with your basic point though -- it's nice to watch something in common so you have something to talk about.

cable guy said...

Glad I could be a help, Duncan.

BENDBUST said...

I cannot leave this alone. How about about option 3,

KILL YOUR Television!

Try un-plugging, and reading books.

It sounds like you spend the typical 4-6, or even 8 hours a day watching the TV.

What a novel idea to KILL the TV, and just read???

Better yet, share the living room with the wife, and sit in front of the fire, and read books. It's a nice quiet way to live, instead of the sirens of law & order.

Just a blogger-fodder comment, too many people seem to not realize that the solution to the TV separation, is to remove the TV.

Jason said...

For my folks, it's HGTV (that darned Home and Garden channel). Mom swears it's not on all the time, but she looks guilty when she defends herself.

They do watch it together, though, so it's not all bad. I just can't take so much home improvement television.

When I bother with TV at all, I like the Learning Channel (or Cartoon Network; I'm such a dork). Really, though, I prefer reading.