Thursday, December 20, 2007

Read Cascade Business News last night, and it blew my mind. Then I read Cascade Discovery, and my brain shut down.

Do they hand out bottles of bleach blond hair dye and teeth whiteners when you get your real estate license?

I think Cascade Discovery supposed to be the 'spiritual' side of the Cascade empire.

Real spiritual and deep.

So what article does Pamela Hulse Andrews (publisher) write? "SHOPPING -- A SPORT. ADDICTIVE. AN OBSESSION. UNDENIABLY APPEALING.

Perfect pitch. Written on a first grade level.

You know, I've been in business for 27 years in downtown Bend. My wife is in her fifth year of running the Bookmark. And I don't believe either of our enterprises have ever even been mentioned in those publications. Of course, I've never advertised in them, either. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

I've always said I like the Bulletin, and I like the Source. I think it's safe to say that their advertising and their editorial decisions aren't joined at the hip. I believe that they really are about the news and entertainment.

Cascade Business News seems more like a self-glorified nickel ads rag. But I don't suppose that Cascade Business News makes any pretense of being the 'Newspaper of Record.'

But what they do document is the mentality of the real estate, promoters and developers, and such. Their little wine parties where they pat themselves on the back for erecting uninspiring monstrosities of buildings, and peddle loopy business ideas.

I feel like I'm back at high school. I'm the Jeanne Garofolo character making snide remarks from the sideline.


Duncan McGeary said...

That's kind of cool. My comment on the irritating promo on It's A Wonderful Life was picked up by the CBS/Late Show with David Letterman blog, written by staffer Michael Z. McIntee.

The interconnectivity of the internet is truly amazing.

(and yes, I did blog my name again.)

Duncan McGeary said...

google my name. I got blog on my mind.

Jeff said...

Seems like you've got the top 15 Google listings, at least. Either (a) you're the only Duncan McGeary or (b) you're the only one who does stuff that the world-wide web picks up.

By the way: it sounds like you reserve the fancier language for other sites: puddleglum?

Duncan McGeary said...

Those other Duncan McGeary's just aren't important....