Sunday, December 30, 2007

Arghhh. I did it again. Another long entry that, because I started it late last night ended up on Saturday's date.

Go there.


Anonymous said...

Another way that WalMart helps you: Whereas it sells essentials, you sell non-essentials. If Walmart keeps the price of essentials low, people have more money left over to spend at your store.

You wouldn't want to live in an economy where food prices were so high that there's no money left over for entertainment.

Or maybe that is what you were saying.

Anonymous said...

Walmart's goal is to get all the money, I doubt that they're honestly holding back by selling non-essentials on Duncan's account.

I have only been to Walmart a few times, but what I see is junk, junk-food, and more junk, there are very few 'essentials' at Walmart.

I know poor people, who go there and buy flat's of can food for a dollar, but that is a minority of their shelf space.

Summary, Duncan don't sell essentials, and neither does Walmart, ok perhaps 10% of Walmart is essential.

Certainly 90% of Bend is non-essential, and that is the ultimate waste. During the great depression we got the best movies King-Kong, Wizard-of-Oz, people were willing to pay to escape.