Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tried watching It's a Wonderful Life on T.V. the other day, and in the left bottom corner there was a little red, white and blue promo for 'Clash of the Choirs' during THE WHOLE FRIGGEN MOVIE! Did they forget it was a black and white movie?

Saw the Golden Compass. Thought it was great. I thought the books were too heavy with philosophy for my taste, and the movie winnowed it down the essentials. Set design, specials effects and acting were great. Personally, I thought the plot and pace was perfect. I hope they make the next movie.

By the way, if you had never heard anything about controversy, religious or otherwise, you'd have never known it by watching the actual movie. Fighting polar bears and cute little animal companions and cool hot air balloons are what you'll remember.

Read the third League of Extraordinary Gentleman by my favorite all time comic writer, Alan Moore (he of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, John Constantine fame). It wasn't an easy read. Both he and Frank Miller seem to delight in defying the expectations of the fan boys. Ended up admiring it more than enjoying it. I still think it's a tragedy they didn't film the actual first LOEG, because it would have been great (politically incorrect, but great.)

Meanwhile, you can just tell that they're filming the Watchmen the way I hoped. Filmed by the director of the 300. The way you could tell Peter Jackson was going to treat LOTR's with respect. It may still be a botch, but this may be the movie that really wakes the public up to the potential of the graphic novel form. But I'm not holding my breath.

It also sounds like they once again botched the I Am Legend story, for the third time. Sounds like typical, give the guy a romance happy ending Hollywood dumbing down. I absolutely loved the book. It had a positive message, too, but a much more subtle and deep one. I'll go see the Will Smith movie for its post-apocalyptic and vampire adventure, but not expect anything else from it.

Patrick tells me I've lost all credibility as a movie reviewer because I like everything.

Well, I hated Armegeddon, and the sequel to 101 Dalmations. So there.


Pedro Hemes Valdes Ortega said...


I thought I would post this here, as you tend to also report on strange sightings for the record.

The last couple night's 4-6pm, I had gone for walks above Tetherow.

Both nights after dusk I encountered different guys completely dressed in black with camaflouge masks, gloves. Both carrying plastics boxes, a glock on their waist, and a black 308 remington sniper rifle with a harris bipod.

On both occasions they told me they were hunting varmint, specifically coyotes. They wanted to know what I was doing there ( note I was west in Forest Land ), they wanted to know on both occasions how often I walked out there.

My gut feeling is that two nights in a row, to meet two different guys that both approached me, before I saw them is not happenstance. My guess is that Tetherow has some kind of strange perimeter security going, or their gaurds are bored out of their minds. Still carrying 100% cop sniper equipment for coyote? That's over-kill. The glock backup as well. It certainly wasn't cold out, there was NO reason for full face masks on both occasions.

The first night the guy was tall and heavy, the second night it was a tall slender guy.

I just wanted this incident recorded, because I found it interesting. You have to understand that your typically varmint sniper doesn't wander around after dusk carrying several thousand dollars of equipment.

Duncan McGeary said...

Wow. Hunting varmints.

Used to be you could walk just about anywhere without being hassled.