Monday, October 15, 2007

Well, our taxes are done. Let's just say I don't have to change the title of my blog.

Linda did quite a bit better. And I can tell myself that her store wouldn't have been possible without my store. Sigh.

It comes down to the fact that I just don't spend money. I know people say that, but I really mean it. I brown bag it every day. Eating out less than once a month, more likely to be fast food than an actual sit down restaurant. Movies, occasionally. Clothing once a year, a couple pairs of pants, a shirt or two, which last half a decade. A 1990 Toyota Corolla, which I don't have to fill with gas more than once a month, or so.

Fortunately, I don't feel deprived. I have all the books and comics a man could want. Cable hook-up and internet. Walks in the woods. Long drives.

Linda pays for the occasional trips (new this year) and long drives and most of the other incidental stuff. I pay the mortgage, bought when houses were still reasonable, and insurances. That's it.

It's the best minimum wage job a middle aged guy ever had.


Duncan McGeary said...

I suppose it's kind of pathetic for a 55 year old guy making minimum wage.

But I don't FEEL like I'm making minimum wage. I feel totally middle-class.

I love the phrase 'making a virtue of necessity.' I just am not into conspicuous consumption. I've often wanted to be even more zen. An empty room with a bamboo matt, kind of thing....

When I played with the idea of a big screen T.V. last year, I asked Linda when was the last time she could remember me buying anything. Neither of us could come up with anything.

We have about as good a regular T.V. as is possible. So what if it is 10 years old or more?


The real problem with a 'life-style' business that I see, is what do you do when you retire?

Basically, you CAN'T retire. So you better damn well like it.

But even if I was making more money, I wouldn't be spending it. I'd be trying to sock it away.

Anonymous said...

We have about as good a regular T.V. as is possible. So what if it is 10 years old or more?


Dunc the old tv's were built to last forever, all the new tv's, and especially the big flat screeen plasma or projection today cost $2k or more, and will not last more than three years.

Within two years they're always worth less that $200, and you cannot get service for that.

A modern tv is like owning a modern car, you'll have to get used to getting a new one every 3-5 years.