Friday, October 10, 2014

Writing is #1...and #2...and #3....

Still in limbo.

Taxes are due and they are going to cost me.  The store has been slow for a few days, just when I could use a boost.  (Maddeningly, the new Magic release isn't selling. Why?  What happened?  Argghhh.)

Stock market is dropping.

Anyway, yesterday I just gave up.  I worked at the store.  (Sold 2 books, though I hadn't intended to try).  No dieting, didn't go for a walk, didn't write. Just in a fuck it, what does it matter mood.

I had planned to really get rolling on Tuskers III in October, but I made the mistake of carrying on my dieting and exercise program, and I had my taxes still to do, and I was planning a trip to eastern Oregon later in the month to follow the Meek's Cutoff.

All of it was distracting.

Here's the little secret about my writing so much.  I'm writing so much because that's what I do.  It is #1 on my list of things to do, and #2, and #3.

Unless everything else is cleared away, it doesn't happen.

So that's what I'm doing, as of today.  Everything gets shoved to the side.  Pay the taxes out of savings and fuck it.  Let the store do what the store does.  Drop the dieting and exercise. (I might go for walks for inspirational purposes.) Delay the eastern Oregon trip until spring.

Put writing #1, #2, and #3...and #4.

Make it my total and complete focus.

Pardon me while I live in my Wild Pig Apocalypse for awhile.



Jack said...

Hi Dunc -- not a comment, but a personal inquiry. I'm interested in checking out Horse Ridge because of what you've written. My son is willing to take me exploring in his newly-fixed-up Jeep this weekend. Can you give me some directions?

Duncan McGeary said...

Just head out on Highway 20 east, about 15 miles or so. Dry Canyon and much of the Badlands are on the left at the base of Horse Ridge. Horse Ridge trail is on the old highway to the right.

It's mostly non-motorized vehicles for the trails, though there are a few roads you can drive.

Take a left and about halfway to the trails, on the right, there is a dirt road you can go up.

Just have fun exploring!