Thursday, October 23, 2014

Waiting in gueue?

Apparently The Dead Spend No Gold is in a queue at Books of the Dead Press.

I check every morning.  So far two other new releases have been announced.  Which, you know, is cool.  That's cool.  Just waiting, you know.  Lean against the post. Whistle.  Stare into the horizon.  Chew gum.

I've been sitting on Tuskers III for a few days, because really want to end the series on a bang.  There is no hurry.  Or is there?

I read recently that a sense of "urgency" is often necessary to get things done.  Certainly, that is how I've been treating my writing.  This slacking off may be a mistake.

Then again, the next book may be a completely different experience.

Spent all of yesterday at Linda's store, sorting and boxing books.  I have just one day a week to do that now, and there was quite a pile.

Working at my own store today.  It has been humming along quite nicely.  Knock wood.  I feel really fortunate to have the guys I have.

I've been trying hard to get Linda back to writing.  She stalled about halfway through her third book.  I'm hoping that she'll finish it soon.

Waiting sucks.


P. J. Grath said...

Oh, QUEUE! I wondered what GUENE might be. Something gluey?

Duncan McGeary said...

This word has always given me trouble.