Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pot drenched comic books.

No, that isn't us.


DC Comics has released a Harley Quinn Annual with a marijuana smell.

Being a dork, I ordered a bunch of them, on the theory that it was such a weird thing to do that it would make it on the CBS Evening news and in every news outlet.  So far, I think there was a story in the USA Today a couple of days ago, and that's it.

Anyway, it never occurred to me that the majority of people would walk into the store and smell that smell and think, "Ummm."

Thing is, we'll never have a chance to explain that it isn't us in the back room.

The comics are wrapped in plastic, and I suppose I thought that would be enough to mask the smell.

Here's the thing.  Three times in Pegasus Books history, I've burned incense in the store. In every case, almost instantly, someone would sniff, give me a strange look, and say, "What have you been smoking?'

I'm pretty much anti-drug, at least for myself.  I don't think the stuff is good for me.  It's taken years and years to come around to a less anti-drug posture.  (Mostly, because it doesn't appear to me that "laws" are doing any good.)

So, I'm just explaining for those who come in the store and see my red-eyes and bumbling manner that that is just me, not the smell.

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