Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pigs, pigs, everywhere, pigs!

Ever since I started writing Tuskers, I've been seeing pigs.  Cute pigs, ugly pigs, small pigs, big pigs, cartoon pigs, cgi pigs, T.V. pigs and movie pigs.  Everywhere pigs.

Selective perception at work. 

Just never knew that pigs were so prevalent.

Ironically, my blog picture above has my two porch pigs which I picked up on a trip to Astoria years ago.

Linda just bought me a garden pig for my birthday that will soon join them.

I was showing a guy my Tuskers cover, and he whipped out a picture of a vicious looking pig he'd hunted in South Africa.  (I don't approve, but it was an awesome pig.)

Meanwhile, when I tell people I'm writing a "Wild Pig Apocalypse" they immediately get what I'm saying.  I mean, that's a pretty vague and unusual description, but it's like everyone instantly understands the possibilities.

Well, I'm getting ready to write the last half of the third book, bringing Zombie pigs into the mix. 

Hopefully, make it exciting.

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