Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Even my subconscious can't nag me.

Took another section of Tuskers to writer's group.  Since it had been edited by Lara, there were few mistakes.  A couple of things they suggested, but mostly they liked it.

Thank goodness for writer's group, which kind of keeps me going when nothing else is happening.

I've been kinda blocked on the second half of Tuskers III.  I'm not pushing it.  Linda and I are having to do some fill work at the stores since one of her employees quit.

In some ways, I've gotten so far ahead of myself, that I'm feeling disincentived to keep writing.  If I was just putting them up online myself, I could probably get all this material done and out of the way, but because I've so far been going through publishers, the schedule of release is probably twice, maybe three, maybe four times slower than I actually write.

I shouldn't worry about it.  I should just write, regardless.

But, well, even my subconscious can't nag me too much about how much or how little I'd doing.

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