Saturday, September 27, 2014

Taking time off did me good.

I've got a sliver of a notion of how I want to proceed with Tuskers III.

During my daily walk yesterday, I also finally got a notion of how I want to finish Ghostlander.  This entire book is finished except for the last chapter or two because I just wasn't satisfied with what I was coming up with.  But the beginning of Tuskers III gave me an idea for the end of Ghostlander.

After struggling with what to do next, I've got the next three projects lines up.

1.) Write Tuskers III

2.) Start on the next "Virginia Reed Adventure."

3.) Rewrite Wolflander to match Faerylander and Ghostlander.  Bren is editing Faerylander, so I'm not sure how much rewriting I'll have to do on that.

4.) Sometime during the above stuff, write the last chapter of Ghostlander.

Because of timing issues with my editors, I'll be forced to mix some of the above actions, which is not the way I prefer to do things.  But I write so much and so fast that I have to make allowances for my editors.  I want to be able to hand Bren Wolflander as soon as she's finished with Faerylander, and then Ghostlander when she's done with Wolflander.

I want to be able to hand Lara the third Virginia Reed book as soon as she finishes with the Tuskers trilogy.

I'm going to write Tuskers III fast and intensive.  That's the whole point of these books.  Get the story started with a bang and move straight to the end in as clear and fast a storyline as I can manage.
The Wolflander edit may turn out to be an easy fix -- or it may become a quagmire.  I won't know until I start.

I'm hoping for a strong ending to Ghostlander.

I still feel the creative juices overflowing, and I think it did me good to take a month off to let them build up.


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