Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don't get cocky, kid!

When Led to the Slaughter was first up on Amazon, I did some research and discovered that most books sell their best during the first 5 or 6 months.  Sure enough, almost exactly at the 6 month point, the sales took a dive.  I was hoping to have The Dead Spend No Gold out by then.

I've sold hundreds of copies in the store, which is unexpected.  I seem to sell a couple of copies at my store every time I work, and Linda sells some at her store, and occasionally they sell at my store when I'm not there.  A constant flow of tourists is great for selling the same book.

A real Catch-22.  I can sell when I work, but I can't write.

I went to the printer yesterday and had a flyer created which showed all six covers to the published or about to be published books -- including Tuskers.  Looks very impressive.  Maybe a little much.

I'm going to write Tuskers III in October.  I will have taken the whole month of September off from writing.  I still have to do taxes and this dieting, exercise thing is still going on.  I've upped the walking pace to 5 miles a day.  (I started at 2 and then went to 3 and then 5.)

However, after losing 10 pounds in 15 days, I've gained 2 pounds.  Neither number is right.  I hadn't really lost 10 pounds and I haven't really gained 2 pounds.  (I've not gone over 1500 calories on any day.)  I'm still hoping to lose 15 pounds in the month, but I'll keep going until I do.

Finally did some gardening.  My brother Mike and wife Sherry are coming for lunch today, and I wanted everything to look great.  A comedy of errors on the lawn.  My lawn mowing service skipped a week, and then when they showed up yesterday, Linda's friends had parked their car at the gate so they couldn't get in.  The lawn mower guy was going to come back this morning, but I forgot to turn off the sprinkler so I called him and said he didn't have to come.  Ah, well.

I have to say, things are going well.  Which makes me knock wood, just thinking that.  Double knock wood for saying it.

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