Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Closing the deal, II.

So I sold six of my books yesterday in the store, and four books the day before.  I also handed out a couple dozen flyers, with at least 5 commitments to buying the ebook version.

So far, I've had one sale online.

If I'm not there, it doesn't happen.  I think people just forget.  That's all.  They leave the store and that's that.  They may find the flyer later and have another impulse, but unless they react right then and there, it probably won't happen.

This is the new world.  There are so many books being produced that it seems impossible to cut through the clutter without personal intervention.  Selling a book myself means I can use all the sales techniques I've ever learned.  I can use the sincerity of my voice and my body language.  I can use pauses, and timely interventions, and I can read the response of the customer and adapt my approach until it either works or doesn't work.

The internet is an amorphous mass of competing desires and who knows what causes people to finally pull the trigger?

 On the other hand, I have only five copies of Led to the Slaughter left in the store, including my reserves.  I have another 50 copies coming, and I'm beginning to think I'm being too conservative in my ordering.  But then, after this week, I'll be back to normal hours, and that won't give me as many chances to sell.


Mark said...

Do you think they buy a copy because they are interested? Or because having the author and store owner push the book makes it awkward?

Just like when your grandkid tries selling you the candy bars and cookie dough for school fund raisers. You really don't want it. But the pleading looks and constant badgering guilts you into a purchase just to get it over with so you can continue your day and shut the kid up.

Duncan McGeary said...


Marge Simpson: "This kitchen is TINY and OUT-DATED!"

"No, Marge. It's COZY."

Duncan McGeary said...

You can call it pity and badgering and pleading, Mark.

I call it sales.

Duncan McGeary said...

Serious answer.

I try very hard not to badger.

I do see genuine interest in the subject.

All sales include some personal appeal. Nobody really needs anything...