Monday, September 22, 2014

Closing the deal.

Shockingly, I'm running out of Led to the Slaughter copies.  Ordered another 50 copies this morning.  Seems like I sell several every day I work.  I can close the deal.  I'm pretty good at hand-selling.  But each time someone walks away with the flyer instead, saying they are going to buy the ebook version -- it doesn't happen.  I can't close the deal.  Ah, well.

I show people Led to the Slaughter because I think it has a broader appeal than my vampire books.

But starting today, I'm going to point out Death of an Immortal instead.  Time to sell some of that series.

Working at Pegasus Books the next four days.  Weird how that can be intimidating when it was something I used to do as a matter of course.  In fact, I worked every day of the week for years.

But now, I'm not used to it.  Poor, poor me.

Everything feels like it is limbo.  Again, not all that different than most of my working career.   Haven't heard anything about The Dead Spend No Gold.  It's been all of two weeks since the publisher sent the contract.  (I have to remind myself that it used to take months and months in the old days.)  Waiting for the edit of Tuskers.

I've not only stopped losing weight, I've gained some.  Which is weird since I've been good about sticking to my calorie count and am walking 5 miles a day.

As soon as I can get started writing again, on October 1, (Tuskers III) I'm sure I'll feel better.

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