Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taking the good parts out.

I've been reading over the shorter version of Tuskers, and...well...I don't like it as much.  It requires leaving out the most interesting character in the book, as well as the two most sympathetic characters, who are also the major sacrifices in the story.

I just don't think without these characters and scenes the story is strong enough to send to Amazon Singles.

I'm not sorry I did it.  It was a worthy exercise that taught me a few things, made me start doing a rewrite, and got me to catch some copy-editing things.

So, no harm.  Just a few extra days.

It gave me the time to realize that I'm more in the mood for rewriting than I am in starting off a new project.

I have any number of books I can work on.  I'm thinking right now that I might tackle the rewrite of Wolflander.  Or I may just finish Deviltree, which would be easier.  Get the easy one done first.  I've got a cover ready for Deviltree and the story is more or less complete.  I have a couple of things I want to do to it, but that shouldn't take all that long.

I also have the sequel, and I can just concentrate on rewriting it, too. 

What would be really cool is if I could get Star Axe and Snowcastles and Icetowers out, with the old covers, redesigned, but under my name and imprint.  That just requires doing it.  (I have to buy the old art and fix it up...)

I'm feeling like it is time to start finishing up these books and put them out one by one.  Just get it done.  Not wait for anyone else.

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