Sunday, September 28, 2014


Walked to the summit of Horse Ridge.  At least I think I did.  It was one of those situations where I would surmount a hill and there would be another hill so I'd climb that hill and there would be another and on and on.

But I finally reached a spot where it was flat for a quarter of a mile or so and then seemed to drop off.  Since I didn't feel like going down and then back up another level, I turned around there.

Pretty steep in spots, as least for me.  But I was determined to get to the top.  About two and half miles up, and I think it was about 2000 feet or so.  Couldn't have done it a month ago, I'm betting.

A coyote crossed my path about 100 feet ahead.  Just sort of sauntered by, not even looking my way.  Since I was talking to myself, I probably scared him off...

I've lost 12 pounds, with 3 days to go.  Now that I've hit this weight, I'm tempted to continue for another couple of weeks.  Not sure.  We'll see.  I was showing off my dexterity to Linda by striking the Mercury hood ornament pose, and then bending my one leg up and down.  Rather surprised myself by how easy it was.  It was easy to keep my balance. I'm in pretty good shape for my age, by golly.

Sleeping 8 hours, eating right, exercising, not drinking, not smoking.  Nothing too radical.

It's weird how every few years I pull myself together, before letting myself go again...heh.

Planning to dive into writing on Friday.  Tuskers III. 

Looking forward to it.

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