Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Showing respect.

Working five days in a row at the store, which I haven't done in a long time.

I think it's good for me.  It reminds me how much work it is, and how much it takes out of me.  It reminds me how much I like the store, and in what ways it works and doesn't work.  I'm still doing the majority of the ordering, so it doesn't hurt to see which way the customers are flowing.

The store is so full of stuff that I can't even just replace the good stuff that sells.  I have to pick and choose which good stuff to reorder.  Cameron has done a good job of boosting the Marvel graphic novels sales, which I'd pretty much thrown my hands up about.

Most of all, it makes me grateful of the time off I'm getting, and very aware of how I need that time to write anything.


I took another slice of Tuskers to writer's group last night and a strange thing happened.

They all liked it, and none of them had any real criticism.  Just some typos here and there.

I don't think that has ever happened, and it was very gratifying.  It sort of confirms how I feel about the story.  I mean, they all showed great respect for it.


I made up a flyer of the covers of six of my books, including The Dead Spend No Good and Tuskers which aren't out yet.

I've been surprised by the response to Tuskers.  I thought people would roll their eyes at the idea of a "wild pig apocalypse" but lots of people's eyes light up.

"I was looking for an animals eat humans story," a guy said yesterday.


Was told by someone that maybe I'm only selling books in my store because I put people in an awkward position.

So I didn't try yesterday.

One guy was on the verge of buying it, and I said, "You don't have to" and he put it back.

I believe that is the opposite of "closing the deal."


I think I was spoiled by the publication of my first books.  My publisher seemed eager, and got it done really fast.

It's taking longer this time -- but a month still hasn't passed, so it's pretty silly for me to impatient.


I've been walking five miles on each day I don't work.  (Basically about seven miles a day overall.)

I wore a pedometer to the store the last two days and it turns out I'm walking the same distance without even trying.  So the basic difference between working the store and sitting on my butt writing is five miles.  No wonder I was gaining weight.

I'm stuck at 10 pounds off, though I've never gone over 1500 calories.

Maybe I'm building muscle?

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