Monday, September 29, 2014

Following Meek's Cutoff.

Somewhat to my surprise, the famous Meek's Cutoff disaster was connected to the Lost Blue Bucket Mine, which is the focus of my next Virginia Reed adventure.

I'm purposely not watching the movie, Meek's Cutoff, because I don't want to be influenced.

Anyway, one of the wandering offshoots of the large 1000 person wagon train was supposedly the origin of the legend.  So like I did with the Donner Party Werewolves, I'm going to try to retain as many historical facts and dates and routes and characters as possible.

I have a theme in mind, which will fit the actual events very nicely.

I really enjoyed blending the historical and the fictional with Led to the Slaughter.  It made it realer to me, and hopefully for the reader.

Because the trail is so close by (eastern Oregon), I'm going to go and take a few days to retrace the route as best I can, mile by mile.

My intention is to stop all along the way and to take notes of the topography and details of the landscape.  Just write copious notes of what the actual land looks like.  Get a sense of it.  Start visualizing the incident.

Should be fun.

Now, if I could just make enough money on my writing to be able to write off the expenses on my taxes...

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