Thursday, August 28, 2014

Veronica Mars

Watched the Kickstarter funded movie Veronica Mars last night.

A very nostalgic experience, which just reminded me how great that show was.

Why does a show like this get cancelled after three seasons and a piece of formulaic crap like NCIS is the number one show?

What people seem to forget is that these "cult" shows were never popular.  Buffy almost got cancelled every year, and even changed networks.   Star Trek had 3 seasons.  Firefly...oh, firefly.  I was BEGGING people to watch this show -- my supposed nerd customers at the store and not one took me up on it.   I've found since, almost everyone thinks they watched it, without realizing they watched the repeats.  I'm here to tell you, almost no one watched it when it counted.

Apparently The Good Wife was on the "bubble" last year.  The well written shows just seem to struggle.

To bring that around the books.  The question is -- if you write a good book will people notice, and the answer I believe is -- probably not.

Sales and quality simply don't correlate as much as people would like to think.

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