Saturday, August 30, 2014

My garden is out of control.

Two years of ignoring my garden and it has grown like the blob.  A big mass of bio. 

I had to do radical surgery yesterday.  Just cut out entire sections that were infested with grass.  Pull out viable plants that had just taken over too much territory.  I had to take off the top 1/2 inch of soil almost everywhere, which hurts because it is top soil and top soil is a valuable commodity.  In theory, I'll get that soil back when my refuse pile become my top soil again.

I hired a landscaping service this summer and they revived my lawn, informing me that I wasn't watering enough.

The garden had responded to the extra water by exploding.

I did about half the backyard yesterday, and I'm going to finish it today or tomorrow.  Try to keep up from now on.  I'm afraid that the grasses and weeds have seeded in pretty firmly, so next year will be a huge struggle if I don't try to keep up.

As usual, I found great satisfaction in the gardening.  It feels good to dig in, to make it look nice.  I really should do more of it.


So...meanwhile, I have only one chapter and a epilogue to write on Tuskers II.  I love what I've got planned, but I'm hoping for a giant burst of inspiration to get what I've got planned down on paper.

Then I'm going to quickly rewrite Tuskers I for editing. 

Then move on to Tuskers III.  To be fresh on the Tuskers III, early in the book I'm going to jump ahead a few years.  It will be a post-apocalyptic world where the non-diseased Tuskers and Humans band together to fight off the diseased (dare I say zombie?) Tuskers and Humans.

Should be fun.

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