Monday, August 18, 2014

Quickest route to the ending.

The goal I set for myself on the Tuskers books is to get to the ending the quickest, shortest route possible.  Not fluff, no sidetrips.  No worries about length.  Tuskers I is rapidly approaching 50K which is 10K more than I thought.  There are always things I do in second drafts that increase the size of a book, mostly more description, more back story, more characterization.

H. Bruce didn't think my Tuskers were scary enough, so I'm concentrating on that in the second draft, as well has turning my first person chapters into 3rd person to match the rest of the chapters.

I'm undecided about whether to pay for editing on this.  I'm undecided about whether to use a pen name.

On one hand, I feel like I need an avenue which isn't quite so expensive and time-consuming and where I can publish works that either won't benefit from more work or can't be made better by more work.  So I probably should do those under a pen name.

On the other hand, I want everything I write to be up to snuff, and if I end up doing that, I may as well publish them under my own name.

Truth is, any book I simply throw out there under my own name, published by myself, with no promotion by me or a publisher, probably won't do anything anyway.  These books will be sacrificial lambs to my urge to write.  I shall cast them upon the waters -- and hope for the best, but not expect anything.

The second goal was to have fun.  To be as outrageous as possible. 

Thing is, I still try to write a book that makes sense, so I need not worry about jumping the shark -- unless you consider a wild pig apocalypse already jumping the shark.

Ironically, what makes the plot is trying to make the wild premise plausible.  By the time I end up exploring that, I've written a book.

My goal is to keep writing books, whether they are 'commercial' or not, and publish them, and not worry about results.

Except for a few select books, where I take more time and effort and promotional attempts.  My Virginia Reed Adventure books, and probably my Lander books. 

It's a steep hill.  I don't have the social media skills to make much headway. 

But I can keep creating the content and keep the faith that eventually the content will be discovered.

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Nom de plume....
Roasty Pecarry
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