Sunday, August 10, 2014

The book is shaping up.

The Dead Spend No Gold is almost done.

It is really pulling together.  It has been much work, and there were times when I wondered if it would match the quality of Led to the Slaughter, but I think I'm getting closer with every day.

It is a completely made up story this time, using the facts of the California Gold Rush and the Indian genocide as the framework, but with the plot completely created.  Led to the Slaughter had some stricture imposed by the real events, which was both a help and a hindrance.

This book is all mine.

I have several characters from Led to the Slaughter -- most notably, Virginia Reed who is the heroine of this series.

Anyway, as I've said before, with the help of editors many of the problems have been resolved and the book is starting to read the way I wanted it.

It will probably be hard to get as many people to read it as Led to the Slaughter, but I committed to trying. 

I'm proud of it.

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