Sunday, August 17, 2014

Linda is a Utopian.

I've decided that the overriding theme of Linda's books is a desire for Utopia.

She's always liked those kinds of books best.  Under Plum Lake, The Green Kingdom, Islandia.

She also always been attracted to hidden worlds.  Hollow Earths, and Kingdoms behind Great Barriers, and Moons.

She yearns so much for people to be Kind to each other and Just to each other and it come through in her writing.

Her basic decency and sweetness overlays everything else. 

She also has a Hero thing; her dreams are usually about her saving someone.  So many of the things she's told me she's dreamed about over the years are finding their way into her writing, in one form or another.

It gives you a very satisfying feeling, like everything will be all right, everything will work out.

She's learned to put danger and threat into her stories.  When I first met her, she couldn't bear to have anything bad happen, or if they did, it was quickly resolved.  But now she puts in threats, even bad things, and know they are only temporary.

Because her sense of right and wrong is just too strong to let evil win for long.

I'm happy to live in her world.

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