Saturday, December 21, 2013

Worst List Ever.

So I see a link in Reddit to a list of 1000 books that is compiled from internet lists that You should read.

So I click it.  It took hours to download.  Hours.

It wasn't lined up in neat rows, so impossible to count.   It repeated books.  It made no sense.

I had read 35 of the first hundred books, 60 of the first two hundred books.  That seemed about right.  I read mostly genre, but I read enough other stuff to think I've read lots of good books, not to mention that many genre books have moved into the canon.

Then the drop off was extreme.  Basically, I've read only 40 out of the next 800 books.

I hated this list.  Too many books by the same authors, instead spreading the goodness.  Ridiculous.

The first link here is the actual link:  DO NOT CLICK!  unless you want to spend hours loading.

The second list is an Imgur that somebody did.  CLICK THIS.

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Duncan McGeary said...

Five books I have on my bookshelf intending to read: Cavalier and Clay; Cloud Atlas; Master and Margarita; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; Visit from the Goon Squad.

About half a dozen others, I gave a fair reading and gave up before finishing, for instance Interview with a Vampire which was so turgid I felt my blood coagulating.

So there should be honorable mention for those.

Great authors such as Robert Stone and William Kotzwinkle and so many others are left off so that every Samuel Beckett and Virginia Woolf book could be listed.

This list sucked. Really sucked.