Friday, December 6, 2013

Missed my 7th year blog birthday.

Missed my 7th year blog birthday.

I've blogged every day since November 29, 2006.

Every day.

It isn't hard, for some reason.  I just sort of blurt out stuff and move on.

Been lots of ups and down in the economy since I started, mostly down.  Lately, a slow recovery.
None of it caught me by surprise and the store weathered the whole collapse rather well, simply because I prepared for it.  (The original Bubble Blogs helped confirm my own feelings about what was going to happen -- but I would have been convinced anyway.)

I've gone from talking almost exclusively about business and the economy, to talking about writing. (And shedding most of my readers probably because of that...)    I've been consistent about talking about what I want to talk about, not worrying about whether anyone reads me or not, not worrying about links and connections and all that.

Mostly a low-tech word blog.  Added my picture a year or so ago, but that's about it.

I really miss Bend Blogs, which was the conduit that most locals used to find me through (and through which I found other local blogs.)   I get a goodly number of hits these days (for me, though very tiny compared to many blogs) but I'm pretty sure lots of these hits come simply because of the sheer volume of material I've created.

99% of what I've put on my blog as been original content, by me.  Don't see the point of all the blogs, twitters and emails and Facebook posts that simply copy other material.  Really don't.  I'd rather read just about anything by a real person than another fucking meme.

Blogs have gone from being cutting edge, to old news.  So who cares?  Wouldn't be the first time I was left behind, nor would it be the first time I was ahead of the curve.  I don't seem to be much affected by what's popular.  (Which isn't terrible helpful when I want to sell my own books -- I'm just allergic to hype.)

This blog has become such a habit to me that I think I'd go through withdrawal if I quit doing it.  It's leaving behind a record -- I'm not sure of what.  Maybe some historian in a hundred years will find something valuable in the everyday life of an obscure writer and small business owner in the boomtown of Bend, Oregon.

Meanwhile, I see no reason not to just keep on blurting.

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