Monday, December 2, 2013

Books selling is getting weird.


"Who is it?"

Buzzzzzzzzzzzz.  zzzzz... .scrrreeepppp!

"Go away!"


"Person of the house!  By your heat signature, I can tell you're in there.  We have a package."

"I don't want it!'

"Person -- you ordered a book two hours ago.  If you do not answer the door I will be forced to use my hellfire missiles."

"Honey, where's the shotgun!"

Boom!   Buzzzzzzzzzz. zzzz......sccreeeeppp!   Boom!

"May day, May day. Headquarters, tell Jeff we're going down!"

"What was it, dear?  Who was at the door?"

"Alien invaders, I think.  Don't worry, I think I got them.

"What's with all the confetti on our porch?"

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