Saturday, October 29, 2011

Well, thanks for noticing, anyway.

When I first started blogging about street closures, I got little to no support.

I'd get hints and signals that others thought street closures harmful, but no outright backing.

So it's been nice to see the flurry of activity over the last few months. The instigating events was scheduling a bike race on the first Friday Art Hop downtown. Pissed off a couple of gallery owners and the owner of two restaurants.

Just following that, (or possibly just preceding that), was a thoughtful letter to the Bulletin which raised the issue.

A flurry of e-mails were sent between business owners, and a meeting was set up to discuss the issue, which -- from all accounts -- didn't really accomplish much. More meetings and committees.

The aforementioned resturant owner contacted the Bulletin, which then did an article on the subject where I was quoted.

Last week, I got an nice e-mail asking if it would be O.K. to use some of my blog comments in the taping of a Talk of the Town segment on the local cable. Unfortunately, I didn't see the e-mail until that evening, but apparently many of the issues were covered nevertheless.

And finally, I noticed there was a story on KTVZ last night. (Which confused First Friday's with street closures. I'll repeat, I don't mind events as long as there isn't a street closure included.)

Anyway, while I don't believe anything has changed, at least there is awareness of the issue, which is a first step.

Maybe the next time a street closure is considered, they'll think twice.

And then -- they'll approve it, anyway.

But at least they'll be conflicted about it!

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