Sunday, October 30, 2011

And, yes, I watch too much T.V.

Saw Puss and Boots.

It was charming, but as I feared, most of the big laughs were in the commercials.

Still, it was fun.

We've slowed down -- slightly -- on our movie going. And we aren't trying so hard to see movies in 3-D or Imax. In fact, I still haven't seen an Imax.

Meanwhile, on T.V., I've liked two new shows on the networks. Persons of Interest, is very good for a formula show. And I think Grimm has great potential. I hated Once Upon a Time, which was a polyester fantasy. Bad Halloween costumes and idiotic plot. Gives fantasy a bad name.

By the way, both of these networks had optioned the Fables comic series, which is pretty close to the same general idea.

I'd make more of that, if I wasn't myself writing a book that combines Fairy with the human realm. (Central Oregon, as a matter of fact.) I think the idea is just in the air right now.

On cable, I really like Homeland so far. I've never much cared for Claire Danes for some reason, but she is perfect in this role.

I've dropped Ringer, which is bland, and Nikita, which is contrived. I'm barely hanging in there on the Mentalist, and C.S.I. Las Vegas just doesn't seem to have the occasional great episode they used to have. (The other C.S.I.'s are awful and awfuller.)

Speaking of contrived, I still enjoy House. The Good Wife is the best show on T.V. I liked Alphas when it was on, and loved Game of Thrones. True Blood and Dexter and Boardwalk Empire aren't great this year, but still better than most anything else.

Walking Dead has been fun.

I'm eyeing several shows to watch full seasons on Netflex. Justified, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, to mention a few. But maybe when the T.V. is full of reruns.

And yes, I watch too much T.V.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to start Sons of Anarchy from the beginning. I can help you with that.

Jim Cornelius

H. Bruce Miller said...

"And yes, I watch too much T.V."

I don't know how you have time to watch ANY TV, what with everything else you do. Truly. Running your business, reading, writing, gardening (in season), doing this blog. Knocks me out just thinking about it.

Duncan McGeary said...

That stuff is just noticeable, somehow. Really, I'm pretty lazy. Social people fill their days more than I do.

Anonymous said...

I really respect you dunc, I mean I can't imagine stomaching even a minute of 'TV' everyday.

I 'killed' my TV, some 50 years ago.

Your a hard man dunc, to continue to sit in front of the bile year after year, day after day.