Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday mopes.

Going in to the accountant this morning to finish the 2010 taxes. Yes, I know it's October, but I've been doing the extension thing for 20 years or more. I simply have more money because of the summer profits.

So I spent all day yesterday working through the receipts.

I'm a little surprised by how little money I made -- surprised because I don't remember feeling any financial pressures last year. I guess it means that I'm living within my means.


We had an average Saturday, and better than average Sunday, so let's see if the followup days are slower, as usual. Of course, it's raining, so it's hard to know if there is a one on one correlation.

As I've mentioned, these street events don't hurt me as much as they used to. I've mainstreamed the store, to a bigger extent.

I'm still concerned by how many street closures there are, though. (Again, to clarify; I'm not against the events, but the need to close the streets.)


I neglected my garden in August and September. But I'll be in pretty good shape next year to make some progress.

I have just one of the hollyhocks still trying to bloom. Seems like it's been trying to bloom for weeks.


The rain is a bit refreshing. Until I remember that I'm going to see another 8 months of colder weather.

(Yeah, yeah...I'm a real Bendite, (Bend Sux).


I was all keen to write the last couple of weekends, but last week I needed to do the comic orders, and this week I needed to do the taxes.

Next weekend, I'm going to write. Or I might lose my mojo.


Not to complain about the New DC 52; but so far, I'm probably spending more than I'm making -- because I'm afraid of falling short.

Always the danger in a surge.

As I said yesterday, better to feed the surge in the short run even if you don't make much, so that you have higher sales and more cushion in the future.



H. Bruce Miller said...

"(Yeah, yeah...I'm a real Bendite, (Bend Sux)."

Good to see you acknowledge it at last.

H. Bruce Miller said...

We used to be able to pretty much count on decent weather through October. No more.

dkgoodman said...

It steams me that all vendors at the Fall Fest event are required to sell Pepsi products, not Coke, and even have to sell them at a specified price. Seems un-American to me. The path between the booths was really narrow, too. If someone was going through with a wheelchair or stroller, or if a couple people stopped to chat, it was nearly impossible to get by them. Why so narrow?

If you wanted to make some money during Pepsi-sponsored events, sell Coca-Cola products for a quarter less. I'd buy 'em. :)