Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I want to write about....

I was torn this morning about what to write about.

I wanted to write about the Digital Trolls, as I call them. Nitwit nihilists who seem to want to destroy all that's standing for some rarefied gleaming digital future.

I'm perfectly willing the argue the future of books versus e-books, but why the hate?

I wanted to write about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and how I'm only surprised that it took this long and I hope it keeps going and I don't really care if there are announced objectives -- the simple fact that they are protesting and they are on Wall Street is enough for me.

I wanted to write about a couple of local businesses both large (Jeld-wen) and small ( a restaurant who I won't name) are possible examples of overreach. Jeld-wen has unloaded it's resorts, and stopped sponsoring golf tournaments (to me the very heights of narcissism) and have essentially been taken over by another company.

I wanted to write about the the New DC 52 and how crazy I've been reordering them and how I'm very unlikely to actually make much money from the sales but I will have a good solid section of comics worth reading and that's worth something.

I wanted to write about how I've taken the increase in business in September as a green light to order everything in sight and how the last two days have been really slow which makes me nervous but at least I'll have plenty of material to sell and yes, it was slow the two days after a downtown event and no, I don't know why.

I wanted to write about how stupid I must be because I can't figure out why you would spend 229,813 on solar panels for the Bend Garage that would save 3000 a year and thus pay for themselves in --- oh, 77 years.

Then again, being offered 400,000 in grant money to do it, why wouldn't you?

But instead, I'm not going to write about any of them...


Leitmotiv said...

overreach: Cup of Yo

Anonymous said...

So, you think that Bourbon Street and Gatsby's were a bit too much? :) Nice that he tried, but I feel sorry for his investors. Well, maybe only a little bit sorry that they were suckered and bought the hype.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"I'm perfectly willing the argue the future of books versus e-books, but why the hate?"

Most of the hate and anger I'm seeing over that issue seems to be coming from the hard-core conventional book lovers. They appear to take e-books as a personal insult. And they seem convinced that e-books will mean The End of Literature (if not Civilization Itself) As We Know It.

As I've said before, I don't think it has to be an either-or thing. And I don't think it will be. I don't know why both sides can't just chill out.

H. Bruce Miller said...

No restaurant has done really well in that old firehouse location. Some locations seem to be inexplicably bad for restaurants. And yet people keep opening restaurants in them.

RDC said...

Lets see what are the steps


Duncan spent a lot of time in the denial stage. He kind of skipped of anger into the bargaining stage.

Andy Z said...

So with all the money that you as a retailer are supposedly going to save with the reformed transaction fee rules, are we as customers going to see any of that savings passed on? Kidding, of course. I doubt a lone bookstore is going to live or die on whether he pays 44 cents per transaction or 21 cents.

Also, no comment on the narrower Bulletin?

Leitmotiv said...

what are the costs to even owning a debit card machine?

Duncan McGeary said...

Like I said yesterday about small print. I think life is too short to try to keep chasing phone rates and bank rates etc.

I figure for very advantage you get there is a disadvantage.

I mean, I got my machine from Costco, and I go through U.S. Bank. I figure I'm in the ballpark.

Duncan McGeary said...

I'm not actually sure if that's the way it works, but I do know that I get the same artists a lot --

Nick Lowe for instance -- he has really catchy rockabilly pop, and more singer songwriter stuff and I always try to encourage the first and not the second, but I get both.

They seem to imply that I'm getting a "style" of music -- but obviously the algorithm puts even more weight on the artist.

That's my guess.

It's a trade secret.