Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Give me some of that "loan."

County loans.

I agree with the Bulletin's editorial today about the unfairness of county loans to local businesses.

I would add, from what I've observed, they are pretty ineffective, too. Yeah, the county forgives some 'loans', which makes them a gift -- a grant, if you will. But mostly it forgives loans because the business can't pay back -- or goes out of business altogether.

My observation is -- most small business operations are Mom and Pop, and while they could use some of that "grant" money, it would be impossible not to be unfair in allocating that money, plus a bureaucratic nightmare.

Bigger loans can be more targeted -- but in some ways are even more unfair.

There was a case a few years back where the county loaned -- what would have been to me -- a very large amount of money to a business that eventually failed. A tenth of that money, a twentieth of that money, would have been enough to put me on a solid footing. (And by extension, 10 or 20 other small Mom and Pops.)

I agree with the Bulletin that this money could be used in more effective ways.

I've mentioned before that I'm leery of mixing 'for-profit' with 'not-profit' monies. Usually seems to go to waste.

That said, if the county wants to "grant" me some of that lucre , I promise I'll try to hire someone.

What do you say?


Meanwhile, I don't know what's going on with the Facebook situation.

Yeah, it seems unfair that they get hit with taxes by the state that are unexpected.

But isn't that their own fault? Due diligence, and all that?

And their whining makes it seem like they want a completely free ride -- which I suspect is pretty much what they've gotten up to now.


I'm sure that not all off-roaders are irresponsible.

Just like not all skateboarders are snarky.

But...well...if you go into the woods at all, you can see that there is a lack of concern by some of these guys toward the habitat.



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H. Bruce Miller said...

".if you go into the woods at all, you can see that there is a lack of concern by some of these guys toward the habitat."

These subhumans don't give a rat's ass about the habitat. The only use they have for the outdoors is as a place in which to roar around on loud machines, get shitfaced and throw empty beer cans.

And then they bitch about not being allowed to enjoy their preferred form of "recreation" in designated wilderness areas.