Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Having now carried my IPhone around with me for about a week (and getting a grand total of 2 phone calls and three texts), I realized that everyone has it backward.

A cellphone is supposed to free us from being tethered to communication devices.

But it does the opposite.

We are now permanently tethered to our communication devices.

When we had landlines, we were free from them when we weren't near them.

Just saying.


Jack Elliott said...

Uh-oh. Break out the blackberry cobbler, the wheat pennies and the medicine balls! Dunc is going after H. Bruce Miller's title as Bend's Andy Rooney!

Duncan McGeary said...

Hah! Look who's talking!

Jack Elliott said...

Me? No ways!

H. Bruce Miller said...

"We are now permanently tethered to our communication devices."


And the ability to work at any time and in any place has created the expectation that we will be working all the time and every place.

Elliott: Blackberry cobbler is delicious, and tossing a medicine ball is good exercise. I have no opinion about wheat pennies.