Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mops.

Linda enjoyed Once Upon a Time. I thought it painfully bad. It's the type of "polyester" fantasy that give fantasy a bad name. Bad Halloween costume fantasy. Argggg.

Next up. Grimm.

I'm somewhat perturbed that both of these stories have a tangential take on the "fairytale" to my own version. I didn't know either show was coming when I started my book.


Interesting time warps happen when you read newspapers a month late. New York Times Book Review, 9/18/11.

There was a review by Yale historian Beverly Gage, of a book (American Dreamers, Michael Kazin) about the American Left that starts:

"We might as well call it: The American left is dead. Faced with the greatest crisis of capitalism in almost a century, the left has mounted no effective mass protests...."

What a difference a month makes. Interestingly, the book says that the Left has never "been much good at building institutions..." but "it has been enormously effective at shifting the nation's moral compass."

It also has a timely prescription, that the Occupy Wall Street people have followed, of having "broad" goals, based on "egalitarian transformation of society."

If nothing else, the Occupy Wall Street people have changed the conversation.


Slowly, slowly. I'm carrying around my cellphone, telling my employees they can call me or even text me.

Dragged, kicking and screaming, into the digital age.

Even had my first spontaneous online "chat" the other day.


All because Linda bought me an IPhone and I don't want it to go to waste.


Going to weatherize the house today. Jesus, I'm lazy.

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hioly sheet
dunc tqalks about ow2s, about 2 months late

but i guess dis is what is comical about usa