Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dealing wth stuff.

I was asked why I hadn't commented on the Bulletin shrinking in size.

Well, it isn't terribly noticeable. I remember picking up the San Francisco papers and thinking they looked and felt weird. But those papers were thick.

The Bulletin just isn't thick it enough.


Linda just finished reading The Twentieth Wife for her reader group.

"Wait a minute. I thought you already read that."

"No...that was the 19th Wife."

"Oh....well, what about the 18th Wife, doesn't she count?"

"Chop liver, honey. Chop liver."


I didn't go to the meeting about street closures. If I had, it would have been my first Downtowner meeting in 20 years, so I don't have any clout there.

I feel like I'm more effective in writing my concerns, than in trying to speak to a room full of strangers.

I feel like I'm more effective as an outsider, than as in insider. (See poem: Speaking From the Brambles.)

I hate to be cynical, but I also don't expect much to change. But then again, change won't happen without some preparation, and we are in that early stage probably. Maybe.


Been dealing with financial matters these last couple of days. Taxes went out yesterday, and we also went to visit our financial adviser.

Nothing major. But learned a bunch of things.

Just not things I can talk about.

Heh, I want my blog to be candid, but I ain't stupid.


Anonymous said...

"But learned a bunch of things. Just not things I can talk about."

Get-rich real estate investment schemes? Other sources of quick money? ;)

Duncan McGeary said...

Well, vaguely, the possibility of buying a commercial building and finding out it was ... possible...but it would be a streeeettttccchhh.

Anonymous said...

"Well, vaguely, the possibility of buying a commercial building"

Well that would make Buster, for one, very happy.

Hasn't he been telling you since 2007 to buy a building instead instead of renting your space?

Might make more sense NOW than it did in 2007. ;)

H. Bruce Miller said...

Can't believe you're thinking about buying real estate in Bend, especially when (according to you) you've only recently achieved a measure of financial security.

Duncan McGeary said...

Well, all the stars would need to be aligned and the Leprechaun in my corner.

And I'm not sure I trust the Leprechaun...

But there is a point where the math makes good sense.

Sadly, I think that point may have passed -- or it may come again, but it probably isn't now.

Anonymous said...

Point has passed?

You all really think that Bend isn't going down another 90%?