Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday suds.

I had hoped for a more special movie than Real Steel for my first IMax experience.

Oh well.


Checking the map out in the paper about Occupy Wall Street.

What I noticed, and have noticed a lot lately, is that Bend is on the map. Growing up here, Bend was never on the map.


Linda went to see Jane Goodall in Redmond. She said there was a giant woman with a giant head with giant hair in front of her, and a skinny guy to her left who kept pressing his leg against her, and she finally got up and stood on the sidelines.

She went with a friend, and was 15 minutes early, but it was so crowded they had to split up.

She wanted to ask if Jane had seen "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" but once there, felt that was probably a little frivolous.


It appears that the Bulletin has decided to go after Bend City Administrator Eric King. This is the second major story that implies things....

I wonder why?


Wrote another chapter to my book last night. I lollygagged until 5:00 P.M. before I finally sat down and wrote something. Then it sort of took off.

Need time and inspiration. Usually I have one and not the other or the other and not the one.


Lava caves play a big role in my story -- and I had one of the members of my writer's group ask what a "lava tube" is. (I guess I'll have to explain? Damn Californians -- heh.)

Linda said the story is fun, because of the local terrain and the recognizable characters. It's the first book I've written in the modern "real" world, though not the first time I've tried.

I have two other stories I started a couple of years ago before hitting a roadblock about 6 chapters in. The same kind of roadblock I had with this current book which I overcame by going on a "writing trip."

So I think the thing to do when I'm done with this book, is move on to one of the other books.

Then again, that might be the same mistake I made 30 years ago with my published books. I wrote different stories in different worlds, and maybe what I should have done is stayed in one world with one set of characters.

That's much, much more marketable.

I'll have to think that over.

Listen to me; advice to myself, finish the book before you start dreamin'.



Leitmotiv said...

If you need information on lava caves, I'm the guy to come to. You know, to make sure you got your facts straight.

I've found over 100 new (what we call virgin) caves. So if you want to know something, give me a holler.

Duncan McGeary said...

"So if you want to know something, give me a holler."

If you could tell me how to find one on public land that I can go to and check out and soak up the atmosphere, that would be fantastic!

Leitmotiv said...

well the most easiest and convenient cave to get to on public land is Boyd Cave. Lava River Cave is closed for the season.

Boyd Cave is about... oh somewhere around 10 miles down China Hat Rd (Road 18). And right where the road turns from paved to gravel is dirt road on your left that leads to Boyd Cave.

If you were wondering about how to find new caves... well... I won't be able to help much with that. You see, we cavers are kind of secretive. The best management policy on caves is secrecy. The less people that know about em, the less likely they are to be vandalized.

But, if you do go caving, make sure to bring a couple sources of light. And if you can a helmet or bike helmet to protect your noggin. I can't even begin to count the number of times, I've hid my helmet on a ceiling which normally would have ended in a bloody mess.