Thursday, February 24, 2011


The young folk at the store (customers and employees) seem to really like the new music I just bought...

What am I doing wrong?

I'm trying to imagine my grandparents picking music I would've liked...


Cam Newton (Heisman Trophy Winner) calls himself an "entertainer and icon."

Oh, oh.

Not another one of-- those-- guys...


Local real estate blog proclaims local housing is "affordable!"

Well, that's one way of putting it...


The King's Speech is a fine movie -- but it just isn't anything special. It's like Chariots of Fire or something -- just not something that will be among the greats.

A safe choice, I guess.

If they had any balls, they give the Academy Award to Toy's Story 3, just because it's time an animated movie won. (Up!)


Gadhafi blames the rebellion in Libya on Bin Laden.

That's good, right?

That he doesn't blame the U.S.A.



Linda: "Did you know I'm not perfect?"

"What! I demand a divorce, right now! I was misled!"

"Yeah, this ear is lower than my other ear...."

"Oh....I see. Your EARS aren't perfect..................


Ridgeview High School.


That's the name you get when it goes through a committee. Bland, generic, and...

What was that name again?


OHDG said...

One time I looked at a person and saw a Picasso painting. Suddenly a new world opened up to me that was always there. The asymmetry in people's faces is often like a Picasso.

Anonymous said...

So, what music is it that you bought that the young folks like?

Duncan McGeary said...

On the playlist.

The new Decemberists. (Say, isn't that a commie reference? Off to Google....Yep. They're commies, heh.)

The new Cake.

The new Iron and Wine.

Mumford and Sons -- not my CD, but I've left it in.