Sunday, February 27, 2011

The return of Buster.

Some more recent readers of this blog may be wondering where this vociferous commenter came from, and why I post his rantings.

I find that I agree with some of what he says, disagree with some of what he says, and have a WTF? reaction to the rest.

His tone?

I can handle it, (mostly, --he's gone too far a few times--) can you?

For some reason he's chosen to drop his handle (Bilbo, Buster, or my latest tag, Sheen) and go by anonymous. Even though, once you're used to him, you can figure out it's him in the first sentence.

Back when bubble bloggers were being ignored (THERE'S a BUBBLE! WATCH OUT! The End of the World is Nigh!!!) Buster was a reliable naysayer.

Obviously, he still is.

I almost believe he's a millionaire who has cashed out and lives most of the year in Asia surrounded by nubile young maidens. Almost.

Wherever he's been, he's apparently back. Don't let him freak you out.


Duncan McGeary said...

So now that his regular foil, Buster, is back, is Paul-doh still around?


Anonymous said...

The question I always ask, is how can DP ( dunc ) keep track of all these avatars??

Anonymous said...

Are you up to the task? If I bring homer back will you bring marge back? If I bring bruce back, ... will you bring bilbo back?

Good times for all. But hell HBM is still here.

Sheesh RDC aka BB is still here.

I suspect that Doh left Bend last xmas 2009, given that we have heard little to none.

More interesting would be to hear from Marge, talking about survival-ism.

What about BEM he was a rational voice of clarity, but been Bend gone for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Barlette&Steele" American What Went Wrong, 1988.
It always bothered me at the time, that nobody in public union gave a rat's arse about their brothers loosing their pension, I always predicted and it took 20+ years. I predicted that when they came for the public pensions, nobody would stand-up, because the public pig-trough eaters didn't stand up for the private. Reminds of the famous Nazi quote "They didn't SPEAK-UP, and when they came for me, their was nobody left.".

Anonymous said...

Dunc sorry, I'll be gone soon, only here for a few weeks, and its just too cold to do anything else, but sit by the fire, and drink coffee, and write about 'My Bend'.
Mee waifs back home don't let me play on computer. :(

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Dunc, we know exactly who buster is. are you getting complaints or something?

It's amazing how such a vibrant internet community has disappeared -- I also suspect that Homer is long gone.

As for stability, I think you hit the nial on the head -- People don't want to be RICH so much as have job security, etc.

but here's the right quote:
"Stability will be found in death"

Anonymous said...

Muppets to Buster and the horse he rode in on. Bend is ours now. The future of Bend has been seen. The dark side won. The force has no meaning in Bend. In another Galaxy it might be father, son, and the Holy Ghost. In Bend it will be Hollern, Smith, and Moss. Don't fear buster Mr. Flanders. Buster is just a fly in the dung we call Bend.

Anonymous said...

-- People don't want to be RICH so much as have job security, etc.


'Job Security' isn't that slavery in the purest form?

Freedom is Slavery. Bend is Paradise.

Slaves want Jobs, when a slave is idle an hungry, the plantation owner will have a problem on his/her hands. What's a Moss to do?

Stability shall be found in Death.

The living seek food, sex, and shelter. The daily flow of such priority's is never stable. Sure a slave might imagine such a paradise ( sic Bend ), where milk and honey flow in a stable manner, but such is not a desert ghost town.

As Bend dies, and Sheriff Flanders try's to keep the remaining sheep ( or cows ) in the corral, its not going to be an easy job.

'Job Security' a routine rut in daily life, a set stipend to the beggar, a daily dole of food, maybe even a little sex if the master chooses to pass down one of the uglier waif's. Nope you can have stability, I would rather be a plantation owner or a freeman in a free world.

Even in the comic world stability can never be found, all sales are based on fad and fickle of the common 'man'.

I think the 'common man' wants to be 'rich' such is the obsession with the lottery, and watching celeb TV, and visioning the rich&infamous. Man knows he's fucked, and needs a continual reminder that somewhere life is better.

IMHO humanity has always been about the good fight of limited resource, e.g. Attractive Women, Gold, and Good Food. There has NEVER been enough to go around in human history, nor will there ever be, so we create religions and political systems to that some men may monopolize the good-stuff, and other man may supply the good stuff. Being a 'slave' to the system is and always will be a product of your own mind.

Anonymous said...

Mr Flanders how about ...

The return of Krusty ( HBM )

The return of Mr Smithers ( Bruce Utah )

The return of Homer

The return of Marge

The return of Bart

The return of Sally Heatherton?

Certainly there's more to Bend than Buster?

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- In his second jailhouse interview, Wall Street scammer Bernard Madoff told a reporter that his victims were "greedy" and the U.S. government is a "Ponzi scheme,"
Now this is a a good one. Madoff investors were greedy? Hell yes, this is the definition of a ponzi. Second the USA government is a PONZI, the biggest of them all. Hell yes, .. got to love this guy, he's 100% Bend, Oregon.

Anonymous said...

"vibrancy" is a good subject, what happened to the vibrancy, ...

Me thinks its what BEM said in 2007, "all that could have been said, has been said ..." This is why most have left the debate.

Now even the brain-dead have tired of the debate.

Bend-Blogging is Bend-Dead(tm)

Nothing left to say about the demise of Bend, and those that destroyed our town. Survivors have long left that which is now a ghost-town, the hangers on will die here, and miserable and slow death.

What more can really be said?

Just a fact, ... move along.

Vibrancy of the corpse? Of the one handed clap? The play without an audience, ... Rubbing shit in people's nose who made the shit? What's the point.

The real owners of Bend remain in control, the weak committed suicide, and the mobile have left.

The cycle will repeat itself in 10-20 years, there will be another bubble, as the son's of Hollern & Smith, will continue the legacy of Manifest Destiny. Going in the Bankers like MOSS were most strong, and on the exit they have retained their crowns. The weak have perished, and the strong have prevailed. News? Hell no.

Who the fuck cares? Nobody. Life moves on with those who have moved on, and those who have stayed will die a miserable death of poverty and want. The masters can once again flip Bend's real-estate into a work-camp.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another week of HBM sunshine here in Bend.

Duncan McGeary said...

Quimby is still here, I know.

Sally Heatherton is long gone.

I think Marge is partly here?

Homer appears to be gone.

Bruce Utah is gone.

Bruce wants to be gone.

Bem appears once in a while.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"The return of Krusty ( HBM )"

I am flattered.

Anonymous said...

This is all bring tears to my eyes.