Saturday, February 12, 2011

Short bits, for short attention spans...

Despite all the rumors, Borders Books avoided bankruptcy last week.

But the rumors are starting up all over again for next week.

From conversing with my customers, this seems to be common knowledge. But what's amazing is how many people think it's Barnes and Noble that's going bust. The public apparently conflates the two stores.


Marvel has a .1 program to make it "easy" to jump into the continuity of their ongoing titles, so for instance, the numbering Wolverine 5.1., between #5 and #6.

Of course, what immediately becomes obvious if you try to explain what they are doing, is that it just adds yet another layer of complexity to the continuity.


Linda got interviewed by KTVZ about e-books. She says, "I think I babbled. I was just fine talking until he suddenly said, "Pay no attention to the camera."

I know what she means. It makes me so nervous, I refuse to be interviewed by T.V. or radio.

We tried finding the interview that night, but Linda wasn't even sure who she had been interviewed by -- so either it was only on the 5:00 airing, or it was a different channel.

Five people mentioned it to her yesterday, so apparently it happened.


"Cheney backs Mubarak." The old guy has perfect totalitarian instincts.


"Sarah and Bristol Trademarked." Says all you need to know. The trademarked presidential candidate. She could wear corporate logo's on her tailored suits.

And that she forgot to sign the application -- perfect.

I think I'll just call her "The Trademark" from now on.


Anyone else having an upsurge in allergy over the last week? Is it just me?

I'm beginning to think it's a very light cold.

Later: Nope. It's a real cold, and a doozy, and the second cold in the last few months. That never happens.


It was warmer and sunnier on the coast last weekend than some of our August visits.


This was the first bookstore roadtrip (more on that later today or tomorrow) that I didn't find a book to buy. Kinda strange.

(I still need to finish my bookstore roadtrip entries...see above "short attention span...")


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Anonymous said...

shit dunc as an apologist for the OREO I'm quite surprised you equating OUR egypt colony with 'totalitarianism', OREO is 100% in the pocket of AIPAC, and 100% in support of status quo, your man, to the end. A true totalitarian.