Friday, February 18, 2011

Snip, snaps.

I don't miss having Winterfest downtown. Sorry, I just don't.

Kind of interesting that all the downtown banners are advertising an Old Mill event. I'm for cooperation as much as the next guy, but I usually don't purposely send people away from my own shopping area.

I assume this is a city thing -- and that the Old Mill banners return the favor?


Silly -- every time I see Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I hear an old timey announcer. "Bed, Bath....and BEYOOOONNND!!!"


This is not to make light of what happened to her, which was truly horrible.

But every time I hear the name Lara Logan, I think she should have a boyfriend named Clark.

Lana Lang

Lois Lane

Lara Logan.

Come on now, am I wrong?


"...Cop Sold Guns To Other on Force."

Well, I guess we know where to start the spending cuts....


Before everyone gets too upset over the closing of the Indoor Market, just remember there are reasons for zoning.

For instance, parking.

But don't I want business in Bend to succeed?


But you know what would be even cheaper for a business ?-- operating permanently out of their house or lawn.

You wouldn't mind all those cars parked in front of your house or in your driveway, would you? For the sake of business?

I pay the rent I pay because of the surrounding infrastructure. I'm not sure I think that people should be able to avoid those costs -- for one thing, it's an unfair competitive advantage.

You have to pay your way, folks.

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