Sunday, February 27, 2011

The stable -- get stable-er.

I was going to say, the rich get richer. Which is probably true for the rich. Then I was going to say, the strong get stronger. But I don't feel like that either.

So I'll say, the stable get stable-er.

How many people truly pull themselves up by the bootstraps? I'm sure it happens, but it must be really rare. And even when it happens, there had to be some influential person or event that set them on the right path.

Mostly I think it's a matter of luck, and birth, and generational timing.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I must comment on this.

1.) Look at the world, with the exception of the USA, 90% of the world, the children take care of their parents.

2.) NOW the GREAT CON of the USA, is about to implode, for 50+ years, the GUBMINT has promised to care for the old. Now the plug will be pulled, because the largest PONZI in human history is BEND-OVER (TM).

Dwell long and hard on #1, for it is the future of all who survive. Good parenting of course is the answer to your question dunc, but of course that requires parents with life skills. We're now in a new America where for so fucking long 'public edoocation' has dictate parenting, so ergo ALL has been lost. It's great to see the great toilet on the public-nazi's getting flushed, ...

Essentially it is an education issue, but as I have long pointed out in this forum, the children of the poor are fucked at birth, and the children of the rich are given 'real' education. Having been a poor child of the 50's, and having made my first million in the 60's, and worked in BIG-OIL my entire life, I have been well educated by the rich. I completely understand that they 'never' want to see their children compete with the masses.

Now back to Asia. Think only of you and your family. Filial Piety, a family takes care of its children, and they take care of their aging parents. No government. Nobody would ever dare think such a concept. Now to shit on your pot. But I know you know that which I say is self evident, but most Bender's here are so deep in the shit, they simply can't fathom the essential truth. That nobody cares.
The solution? Kill your TV, and love your family, and care for one another. My depression parents educated me well, that the depression was the best of times, as it brought people back together. Now the USA enters another Great Depression, and out of the ashes will rise a new breed of strong parents, who will educate their children for real. The parasites, e.g. cops, judges, and teachers who feed at the public-trough of course will send their goons to the street to kill, but smart folks will lie low and let all pass.
At the end of the day the answer is #1 above, parents care for their young, and the young care for their parents. Gubmint never has and never will care for anything other than its parasitic self.

Anonymous said...

We have had this debate many times on this forum.
99% of success in biz, is being in the right place at the right time.
Sure most public wealth is inherited. But I always go back to great wealth like JP-GETTY, that he would have given his fortune ( billions ) for real love.
The USA is what it always has been, a slave colony, the slaves may have been freed post civil-war, but the reality is everyone became a slave. The deep-south analogy is apt, plantation owner, house-worker, and field-worker. Today in the USA of course there is no 'work'. To be a plantation owner is coveted by all.
What is success? It is survival, as you know dunc to survive in a small biz more than 3 years is a statistic anomaly, get over it your a success, but let it go.
Throughout human history, no man has ever solved the worlds problems, which is why the oldest and most civilized culture on earth ( china ) has long recognized that the best a man can do is care for his own family. Somewhere along the line the US citizens in their greed and stupidity, became a nation of nitwits. Let it go, what shall be, shall be. Even sending the children of the nation to war now would be a waste even if this nation could afford such a war.
Stable? As children we learned of the man who built the brick house, and the one of the paper house, ... and the brick was stable.
USA & BEND is a nation of 'something for nothing', as we have pointed before and well by homer, Bend became a city of grifters, people came here to get rich easy.
Now we're ground-zero for misery, but anybody with a stable and balanced mind, and knew human history could have told you it would end this way.
Look at yourself and your love of the OREO, he has 100% continued policy of BUSH, and even kept the same staff. Hoping for change, but keeping the same people, is certainly an Einstein defn of insanity.

Anonymous said...

It has always been said by the rich, that making money is easy, that keeping it is hard. ( Carnegie, .. etc )

Stability, is for the dead. The living will always see change, the ebb&flow of life, of seasons. Government always promises stability, but now these promises are seen as hollow.

The founder of Intel ( grove ) is fond of saying ONLY the paranoid survive. Thinking men, who think critically of all they're told, they survive.

Stability will be found in death. In all crises dictators jump at the event. Every parasite thrives on this known change. Only the dead are stable and 'rest in peace'.

As we have all pointed out in this forum for so long, since the 1980's the USA has been systematically looted first it was the private pensions, and today the public. Only only has to read 'Barlette&Steele" 'America what went wrong', and substitute today private for public, ... but it has all been a systematic looting. Now in the final phase, of course the civil-war will start in the USA, as the great majority will realize their is nothing left to steal. Today foreign governments hold our debt, and the USA is one of the few country's that will sell its land to foreigners, its not a big jump to see that in a few years most homes in the USA will not be owned by US, but we'll send our rent checks to chinese corporations who hold title to the vast homes of Bend, and USA etc. ...
Long ago the CEO's titans bought Italian estates back in the 1980's, ... most of the 'rich' effectively move their golden landing pad far from the USA a long time ago. Now your watching a slow 15 year collapse of the dollar. In the coming years you'll see a civil war, where the parasites will fight for what hasn't been stolen. The new owners of the USA will hire mercenary army's to take what is theirs.
Stability? Only in death.